Original Paintings

Ipaint to give expression to the beauty and wisdom of nature, the energies of life, and the soulful meanderings of my wild heart in its ever evolving journey to be free. These elements, often pulsing beyond myself, are the inspiration for my imagery. When engaged in this creative process, I am able to access the underlying foundation that flows within all things. Painting, like any form of creativity, requires trust. I give birth to the inspiration and then must step into the dance with Eros—listening and responding to the wildness, showing up and surrendering at the same time, while allowing the piece to take on a life of its own.

Most of my current paintings are in acrylic and of an expressionistic style. I particularly enjoy relating metaphors of nature through imagery. Recently, my connections with nature have drawn me to a more realistic style in chalk pastel, yet with the same soulful spirit. Thus far, this imagery has been of botanicals and wild life, which are available as art prints.

My work has been exhibited in Michigan, Illinois, and North Carolina, and collected for homes and businesses. In addition, my artwork has been published in calendars and on book covers.


For inquiries regarding the purchase of original or commissioned art, as well as giclée reproductions, or to request permission to use images, please contact me. Thank you.