About Laura

I once asked my heart what it had to say. The words came fast and furious, “I am wild and you are trying to tame me.”  This message launched a personal exploration into the meaning of wild and the ways in which I tamed my heart

Inspiring the freedom of heart through the arts became the essence of my work.  As an energy healer, I offer Healing Touch therapy, a holistic approach to health and well-being. As an artist, writer and speaker, I offer inspiration through my paintings, poetry and presentations. Combining my experience in art and healing, I facilitate expressive art workshops, along with other wellness workshops that integrate the healing power of sound and the balancing movements of qigong. And recently, I have begun hosting the radio show, Wild Heart, sharing stories, triumphs, and ways of life to explore what it means to live with a wild heart.

Freeing Wild Hearts has become the motto for my work, as well as the publishing label for my art prints and note cards. To me, wild is our natural state—a way of being one with life, free to respond to what is called for in the moment, whether it be gentle, bold, quiet or elaborate. To live with the freedom of heart is deep rooted with presence and awareness, harnessing the energies of life with the wisdom of one’s true nature.

Originally from the Midwest, my journey has taken me to different parts of the country and also to England for a number of years, which significantly shifted the direction of my career from marketing into the healing arts. I now live in Asheville, NC, amidst the wild beauty of the blue ridge mountains.

I wish you freedom in the expression of your own wild heart and am glad to inspire in any way I can.

Laura Elliott, painter, writer, energy healer, speaker