Wellness Workshops

I offer wellness workshops for children and adults, including those with special needs. I’ve worked with a variety of groups and organizations such as hospice, correctional centers, schools for the emotionally impaired, shelters, senior centers, hospitals, colleges, and retreat centers. Organizations in Western North Carolina including  UNCA, REACH, Mountain BizWorks, WomenSpirit, The Wilderness Society, The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center, and International Friendship Center.

Expressive Art is the use of art as a tool for self- expression. It has a wide range of benefits, including promoting health, self-discovery, and group harmony. The emphasis is on the process, not on the technique or the results.

Awareness of how your body feels, your level of stress, and what emotions are arising is the first step to mastering energy. It is only from a state of awareness that we can know what is needed to restore balance.

The healing power of sound is not new. The myths of various cultures speak of the universe being created through sound. Ancient mystery schools had a scientific and spiritual understanding of vibration as a healing force.