Mastering Your Energy

Awareness is the first step to mastering your energy—awareness of how your body feels, your level of stress, and what emotions are arising. It is only from a state of awareness that we can know what is needed to restore and maintain balance in our lives. Yet, often we become numb, putting up with things until they shout loud enough to get our attention. We are integrative beings. Our emotions affect our mental and physical health. Stress affects our immune system and every cellular activity of our body. Likewise, physical conditions affect our ability to feel vibrant, focused and at peace. Do you move through your day with ease or do you live with aches and pain that you have learned to cope with? Do you express your thoughts and feelings freely or do you suppress them? Do you feel empowered, living true to yourself, or is your center of gravity elsewhere?

Laura Elliott, energy healer. Asheville NC

Mastering Your Energy is a workshop designed to inspire health and well-being through movement and sound, using the body and voice as powerful instruments for healing body, mind and spirit.

Through movements of Tai Chi and Qi Gong—gentle, yet powerful exercises—you will be inspired to release stress and regain a sense of vitality, empowerment and inner peace. Combining movement with sound, your own sound, is even more powerful. Through vocal toning we will be potentiating the effects of the movements. Sound vibrations, especially those of our own voice, have a clearing effect on a cellular level. Even humming is like an internal massage.

Regular practice is preventative as well as restorative. It strengthens one’s vital energy. Participants take home techniques to use as a morning energizer, evening de-stresser, or anytime during the day when feeling the need for balance. The length and style of a class or workshop can be customized to meet the needs of the group with a recommended minimum of one hour.