I love to engage with diverse groups of people, and create an easy atmosphere for the exchange of ideas and experiences. The following is a selection of presentations that I offer. Each can be customized to meet the specific needs of the group. I offer presentations to businesses, organizations, and groups such as employee lunch ’n learns, hospital and hospice staff, arts organizations, teacher workshops and retreat groups.

The Healing Power of Art

LE Speaking Letting Go 120Art has the ability to inspire health on every level of being. I offer an experiential presentation to share how painting is a powerful and playful tool for self-expression, healing and discovery. The vibrancy of color and bodily movement of brush in hand encourage the freedom of expression. Its therapeutic effects relieve stress, and restore balance for health and well-being. I discuss the concepts of expressive art, present examples, and invite participants to briefly experience the process.
At a teachers workshop presentation, one of the attendees had a transformative experience. “When I walked in the room, the only seat available was in the back next to an easel. During the whole presentation I wanted to run out of this room, fearing the thought of painting. I can’t believe how freeing this exercise was. Now, after just a few minutes of painting I want to paint that wall!”

Energy Medicine

LE Speaking 200x200The energetic use of the hands has been a form of healing since early mankind. This ancient art is converging with modern science, recognizing that we are all made of life force energy. I discuss the human energy system, the therapeutic approach of energy medicine, and offer brief demonstrations. Working beyond the physical, this form of therapy works with the whole person—body, mind and spirit—to restore balance and harmony, thus promoting self-healing from deep within.
At a presentation for hospice staff, I discussed how energy therapy is beneficial for caregivers as well as patients. After pairing up and sharing simple techniques, attendees felt the release of stress and learned ways in which they can support each other through the day.

Living With the Seasons

LE Speaking page 200x200The wisdom of nature has much to teach us about living a balanced life. The seasons have purpose. And we too have seasons that shape our lives. From the perspective of an artist and holistic therapist, I use imagery and metaphor to explore how living with the rhythm of your true nature can help you feel more balanced and peaceful. I share Inspiring ways to maintain balance in this experiential presentation giving you empowering tools for the seasons of your life.
During a retreat for women, we engaged in rich conversation about the metaphor of trees—how like trees, we too, grow our “roots” in the wintry times of our lives. The need to pause and honor our natural rhythms was affirmed. Meditation and body movements were shared to promote presence and awareness.