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Healing Touch Therapy

Healing Touch Therapy

Healing Touch is an integrative therapy that works deeply with the human energy system on all levels of being—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is a gentle yet powerful approach to healing that restores balance and harmony by awakening the body’s innate ability to heal.

I began studying energy medicine in the late 1990s and became certified in Healing Touch in 2002. I enjoy the rich experience of assisting others on their journeys of health and well-being. The energetic use of the hands has been a form of healing since early mankind. This ancient art has converged with modern science, recognizing that we are all made of a life force energy with the innate power to heal.

Healing Touch is preventative, as well as restorative. Stress and illness disrupts the flow of energy through our system, creating stagnation. Our overall health is affected by every aspect of our being. Emotional stress, for example, can affect the immune system and cause physical illness. Healing on the emotional level can help prevent physical illness. Likewise, in a state of physical illness, addressing the underlying emotional, mental and spiritual aspects promotes a deeper healing on the physical level.

The benefits of Healing Touch Therapy have led to widespread use in the medical field. It is complementary to mainstream medicine and is now used extensively in hospitals, medical practices, counseling, and with other body therapies. This certified educational program is taught internationally and endorsed by the American Holistic Nurse’s Association.

Sessions are given with the client fully clothed, typically lying on a massage table. However, the flexibility of the therapy allows it to be received in almost any situation, including a chair or hospital bed. It is non-invasive involving a light physical touch, and inspires a deep sense of relaxation—the state in which healing occurs. To find out further information, discuss your situation or schedule a session, please contact Laura.

Benefits of Healing Touch

– Relief of pain and anxiety
– Lower blood pressure
– Restful sleep
– Reduced need for pain meds
– Acceleration of wound and fracture healing
– Release of emotional trauma
– Stability in times of transition
– Ease of pain in childbirth
– Peace and comfort in the dying process

From Clients

I highly recommend Laura. She has such a unique gift of healing touch. It helps me to feel more at peace and it is a special experience to spend time with her. —A.T.

I did not know what to expect from Healing Touch, as I had only attended a workshop at the Senior Center. I was astonished to experience actual healing after my initial session. I am no longer on Celebrex for my fibromyalga and arthritis. But the impact of my healing I still cannot put into words. …Through God, Laura accessed/became a conduit/altered my energy. Awareness of peace floods me still. —P.A.

Healing Touch is a relaxing, release from tension, stress and associated aches and pains. Laura connects our heart chakras to universal energies and love. Healing Touch with Laura is transformative, a physical meditation and renewing therapy. Be kind to yourself, clear the dust and haze and indulge. —L.K.

I experienced a deep emotional release through my healing sessions with Laura. I feel a wonderful liberation, and the arthritis that was in my hands is now gone. As a ceramic artist, my work has taken on a new creative direction—others are noticing a deeper beauty in my work. I feel more alive than ever!  —R.M.